supported by J.F Costopoulos Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation

un-finished is a transdisciplinary project. A study on the architectural archetype of the unfinished concrete building found everywhere in the Athens cityscape, turned to a performed archive. How to deconstruct and analyze the history of the rise up and maintenance of those structures? They are the basic concrete skeletons of Polykatoikia, the common building typology of Athens from the beginning of the 1930's and onwards. Whereas the majority of the cityscape has this typology under the facades and finishes, the unfinished buildings stand exposing only their architectural archetype. The view from and at those structures deliver the memory of a ruin.


Maria Lalou & Skafte Aymo-Boot  2013

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  [UN]FINISHED    at ReMap 4-Athens


1st phase  creating database of unfinished structures residency at the Danish Institute in Athens


'the act of projective architecture' lecture

 invited by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam

Sep 2014

essay with starting point in [UN]FINISHED by Edzard Mik

images from the on-going research


Feb 2014

Dec 2013

Sep 2013

Nov 2015

'the act of projective architecture' lecture

invited by IUAV in Venice

2nd phase research residency collecting data from the numerous un-finished concrete structures in the city of Athens supported by J.F.COSTOPOULOS FOUNDATION  

Jan 2016

'the act of projective architecture' lecture

in Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella  Invited by N. Doulos (Expodium) in the context of UNIDEE-university of ideas


Apr 2016


installation exhibition at Green Park Athens

Jun 2016

temporary office in Athens

residency supported by Danish Arts Foundation

Jan 2017 - Feb 2017

ANTI-MONUMENTS 1964-2013 the symptom project


Oct 2017

The Case of Concrete Princeton University


Apr 2018

[UN]FINISHED walk   ETH-Studio An Fonteyne



Mar 2018

ANTI-MONUMENTS 1964-2013 Home Sequence


Jul 2018